Boris Pergamenschikow Prize for Chamber Music

Boris Pergamenschikow


This competition, initiated by the Society of Friends and Patrons, rewards the efforts of outstanding chamber musicians. The competition is held every two years. Entrants can chamber music ensembles from trios to nonets from music universities throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria.The only condition of the ensemble lineup is the inclusion of at least one cello.

As well as a performance of one or more works from the period post-1950, each ensemble prepares a presentation on the piece, outlining its historical context and relation to other genres. The winning ensemble is awarded the Boris Pergamenschikow Prize worth 10 000 euros. There is an additional advancement prize of 2000 euros for the best oral presentation. The prizewinning ensemble also receives the special prize for a composition commission, conferred with 3000 euros.

Boris Pergamenschikow (1948-2004) was one of the most versatile, internationally renowned cellists and teachers of his field, most recently at Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin. In his artistic and pedagogical work, the conveyance of wide-dimensional music was a central concern. The Boris Pergamenschikow competition addresses this far-reaching aspect of his work. It serves to awaken interest in and dedication towards contemporary music and promote the understanding of its artistic roots and connections.

Jury 2016

  • Prof. Claudio Bohórquez Professor für Violoncello in Stuttgart, Gastprofessor an der Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin
  • Prof. William Forman Professor für Trompete an der Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin
  • Prof. Florian Hölscher Professor für Klavier in Lucern/Mitbegründer und Pianist im Ensemble Ascolta
  • Heike Hoffmann Künstlerische Leiterin der Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele
  • Prof. Reinhard Latzko Professor für Violoncello in Wien
  • Eckhard Roelcke Autor/Journalist in Berlin
  • Prof. Iris ter Schiphorst Komponistin/Professorin für Komposition in Wien
  • Augustin Maurs für die Gesellschaft der  Freunde und Förderer (ohne Stimmrecht)