Hanns Eisler Composers Forum and Performance Prize

From 1993 to 2012, Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin awarded the “Hanns Eisler Prize for Composers and Interpretation of Contemporary Music”.

Since 2013 the prize was renamed the “Hanns Eisler Composers Forum and Hanns Eisler Performance Prize”. With the new name comes the transformation from a composition prize into a composers forum, in which the focus is upon the dialog between musicians, composers, lecturers and experts. After the concert, the jury, composed of two experts and instrumentalists, decides upon the award of the performance prize worth 2,500 Euros, while the audience prize is awarded in the hall.

Again this year, the prize was dedicated to the promotion of new contemporary works and their performance. The applicant’s compositions selected by lecturers from the Department of Composition were performed as part of concert. Two juries decided over the award in the categories of composition and performance. The jury of the composition prize was comprised of lecturers from Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin, a representative of Berlin University of the Arts and non-academic representatives from the Berlin music scene. The jury for the performance prize is made of primarily of instrumental and voice lecturers as well as lecturers for composition or theory from Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin. The award took place with decision taken by the jury directly after the concert.

Prizewinners 2013

1st Prize
Performers of Roberto Fausti’s composition “Sextett”:
Shin-Joo Morgantini flute
Magdalena Faust clarinet
Ni Fan vibraphone
Hanna Walter violin
Stijn Berkower conductor

Performer of Seiko Itoh’s composition “Melancholia – Duo”:
Seiko Itoh electronic

2nd Prize 

Perfomer of the Composition by Miloš Dadić “À bout de soufflé” 

Väinö Jalkanen piano

3rd Prize 

Interpreters of the Composition by Florian Wessel “Fur Fir”: 

Anna Steinkogler harp 

Mori Yonekura bass clarinet/clarinet

Anna Promnitz double bass
Stijn Berkouwer conductor

Interpreters of the Composition by Viktor Orri Àrnason “…trans”: 

Edouard Cambreling horn
Siun Milne violin
Jonathan Weigle cello
Ni Fan drums

Viktor Orri Àrnason conductor

Audience Prize

Daniel Schellongowski “Crinoidea”