Academic Affairs

Scholarship Holders Concert on 24.11.16 in Krönungskutschensaal

The work of the Society of Friends and Patrons rests upon several pillars. We endeavor to provide students with material, organizational, but also creative support.

Helping students help themselves is the work of the music agency “Eisleriana”. The Society of Friends and Patrons founded this professional music agency many years back. Students can register with “Eisleriana” to be invited to house concerts or public concert performances through the agency, with secure contracts and payment.

Study support is provided with individually appropriate funding to make living and study possible for students during times of crisis.

Furthermore, we fund two big Competitions, allowing participants a chance for musical development and prize money.

In our own Event Series, we engage strongly with our network.

Through Presentations held by external speakers and the organization and funding of Masterclasses, we hope to give students new impulses for their artistic development. Through Benefit Concerts, on the other hand, we draw the interest of the public upon the activities of the school.