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Important instructions for making an application

Please register with your e-mail address as well as your personal data on the application portal

  • Applications summer term 2017
    from 11/01/2016 to 12/15/2016
  • Voice and Direction
    No applications for summer term

and choose a password. You will receive confirmation of your user access via e-mail.

On this portal, you will be able to choose one or a number of different programs of study. You will be led step-by-step through the application process. You may interrupt the process at any point and continue at a later time. There, you can view the current status of your application at any time.
In order to assist you, we have summarized some useful information on the application portal below in the form of a checklist.

Application checklist

Application details

At this site, the current status of your application will be displayed.

Curriculum Vitae

For all applicants: during the application process, documents must be submitted in either German or English.
Please be advised at this time that during registration, supporting documents such as certificates or references must presented both in the original and in an accredited German translation.

  • School education:
    A university entrance qualification is required for the Bachelor Program in Historical and Contemporary Compositional Technique, as well as in Direction. In exceptional cases, applicants for Direction may be admitted without the general matriculation standard provided the candidate is in possession of special artistic gifts.
  • Academic education:
    If you will be completing your studies only after the application period, or if you have yet to receive your certificate, then under degree, choose "not yet available".

Artistic résumé

If you are unable to document competitions, appearances, etc., please skip this step. 

Other certificates

  • For all international Bachelor applicants: if a language certificate B 2.2 or "Test in German as a Foreign Language — Level 4" is not available, or if the required specialized German language comprehension and study prerequisites cannot be demonstrated in the sections of the examination on music theory, then admission will proceed with the stipulation that by the time of enrollment or where applicable, at a later time, full demonstration of language competence will be demonstrated through a language course attended at the School.
  • If you already have a provisional certificate of completion or a transcript of records, please upload it under "additional supporting documents." At this point, if possible, please also upload a registration or deregistration certificate from your current or previous higher education institution.

Audit program

Instrumentalists and vocalists should specify the works for their entrance examinations here (unless an obligatory program is required for your subject).
For the following programs of study

  • Bachelor in Composition, Direction, Historical and Contemporary Compositional Technique
  • Master in Composition, Direction, Historical and Contemporary Compositional Technique, Electroacoustic Music
  • Konzertexamen in Orchestra Conducting
  • Masterclass in Choir Conducting, Direction, Composition, Historical and Contemporary Compositional Technique
  • Master Program in Choir Conducting

music scores/portfolios must be uploaded (as data files). In addition, the links to audio and video recordings required by the admissions regulations can be added at this point.

    So that your application can be considered, please submit all of the required documents at this application portal prior to the application deadline. Once the application deadline has passed, it is no longer possible to submit your application.
    The application fee is a precondition for participation in admissions procedures, and must be paid by all applicants and for all programs of studies.

    Before you submit your application, please inform yourself about your desired program of studies by consulting the corresponding entrance and admissions regulations.
    Requirements for entrance examinations are also displayed on the information pages of the respective program of studies.

    Admissions regulations

    Admissions regulations for Bachelor programs

    Admissions regulations for Konzertexamen/Masterclasses

    Admissions regulations programs and continuing education