When admitted to a higher course semester at Hanns Eisler, your academic history at another institution is recognized all-inclusively. This means, for instance, if you change into a bachelor program at Hanns Eisler beginning at the 5th course semester, 120 points will be calculated onto your course of study based on the example study plan.

You will be deemed to have acquired extracurricular competencies outside the school as determined by exam terms and subject-specific appendices if you can substantiate:

1.  A contract for an academic position with one of the Berlin orchestras or a comparable A-class or special class orchestra, or

2.  A high artistic engagement through prizes, concerts, etc.

The examination committee may, upon request by the department (bachelor) or upon your application, recognize acquired extracurricular competencies in regard to exam terms.

We advise you to always contact General Student Advice before making an application.