Erasmus Outgoings

A small circle of students at our school take the opportunity to further their European experience by studying for one or two semesters at one of the European partner schools of Hanns Eisler through the ERASMUS+ program of the European Union.

The ERASMUS+ program does not entail any course fees (though some administration fees may be payable).

How to start

Choose an ERASMUS+ partner university that interests you. A list of the universities can be found in the Downloads section. See the website of the university and make sure that the courses of study there suit your personal and academic interests.


The application deadline is the 10th of January for the entire year beginning at the winter semester. At some partner universities the deadline for application falls in December of the previous year. Anyone can apply who:

A) is enrolled in a course of study at Hanns Eisler (including further studies)
B) has completed at least the second semester
C) is a citizen of an EU member state or another country participating in the ERASMUS+ program (including Turkey)
D) is a citizen of another country and has an unlimited residency permit or a settlement permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis)

The application is processed through your subject department. Please submit these at the corresponding department administration.

Voice/Music Theater, Direction:

Edith Reichel
Tel: 030 688 305 850



Sonja Lipka

Tel: 030 688 305 870


Strings, Harp, Guitar, Wind, Percussion:

Ilona Tornauer

Tel: 030 688 305 209


Piano, Composition, Electroacoustic Music, Compositional Technique:

Heike Nagel
Tel: 030 688 305 880


Attention: Applicants for the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna must also apply online at

Application documents 

The following documents must be submitted to the subject department on time:

  • A freely structured application for delegation as part of the ERASMUS+ program
  • Application for Delegation pdf
  • ERASMUS+ application form Student_Application  (77,85 KB)
  • Learning agreement (signed by subject department) Learning_Agreement  (88,65 KB)
  • A CV in table form (in the language of the host country or English)
  • A statement from your teacher in your major (if possible in the language of the host country or English)
  • An audio recording with samples (30 minutes playing time, 3 pieces of differing styles)
  • 3 scores and an audio recording of own compositions (for composers only)
  • Other strong exemplary documentation of artistic qualifications
  • Academic certificate stating study performance so far
  • If applicable, further documents and requirements as per special request of individual partner universities
  • Statement of insurance: Please note that the program does not include insurance. DAAD offers German students studying abroad an insurance package including health, accident and personal liability. More information in the downloadable brochure. 

DAAD Insurance Package

New Registration 726 Outgoing

Help with filling in the Learning Agreement

Some partner universities in the ERASMUS+ program have special help for the Learning Agreements which are summarized for you below.


Artesis Hogeschool Antwerp, Koninklijk Conservatorium

There is a “Studiegids” available on the university’s website at


Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen

At the Copenhagen Conservatory, all ERASMUS+ students are placed in the course year in which they would be attending at their home university. E.g. students in their 3rd course year (semesters 5 and 6) will attend classes in Copenhagen for 3rd year students. Exchange students also have the option of attending further electives without cost. A list of subjects is available at:


Royal Academy of Music, London

Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester

Guildhall School of Music & Drama


Sibelius Academy, Helsinki

Information, study guide and a selection of subjects offered in English at Sibelius Academy can be found here.

Metropolia University of Applied Science, Helsinki


Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse, Lyon
The Conservatoire offers information for individual courses on its website.

Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse, Paris

A study guide for international students is available for download at:


Iceland Academy of the Arts

Information is available on the school website.


Codarts, Rotterdam

The Royal Conservatoire, The Hague

Further information on the Conservatory Website:


Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo
Study Guide

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim

Information is available on the university website. Here you will find a Course Overview and further information on the ERASMUS+ Program and to Music Performance Studies.


University of Music and Performing Arts Graz

Mozarteum, Salzburg


Zurich University of the Arts

Finance/international BAföG

According to BAföG § 5, German students are entitled to support for international studies. Students who do not receive BAföG in Germany can still receive some support due to the high additional costs of studying internationally. As such, an application is worthwhile. More information at:

The applications for international BAföG are processed Germany-wide at 17 Studentenwerk offices and their offices for international study support which are responsible for different states or regions. A list of responsible offices is available at:

Students with special needs/disabilities can receive a contribution for additional costs relating to ERASMUS+ studies. Further information and advice to ERASMUS+ mobility measures are available at:

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
National Agency for EU University Cooperation
Kennedyallee 50

53115 Bonn

After an ERASMUS+ exchange

After an ERASMUS+ exchange program, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Letter of Confirmation, provided by the host university
    Confirmation.pdf  (54,12 KB)
  • Transcript of Records, which confirms the completion of courses visited at the host university
    Transcript of Records.pdf  (58,41 KB)
  • Maybe an application for the recognition of study- and examination achievements

Further issues

Further detailed information on visa rulings for citizens outside the EU and European Economic Area, the reenrollment process, rulings on vacation semesters, support options, language courses, as well as recognition of international study performance can be found in the downloadable brochure.