Launching a Successful Career

Most students enter professional life already during their study years, when they are confronted with the need to promote themselves in a variety of ways. In recent years, competitive pressure has increased enormously, with the number of graduates rising by more than 30%, while in many places, at the same time, more positions are being eliminated than created. We strive to support students and graduates in their efforts to gain heightened visibility for their abilities and artistic profiles, allowing them to present themselves on the job market with confidence.

Moreover: the study “Women in Culture and Media,” published recently by the German Cultural Council, demonstrates that in the music world as well, the topic of potential discrimination remains a reality. Many female students are unaware of this circumstance, since few have had negative experiences during their educational and training periods. In the context of professional life however, things may look different – at the latest, for example, when it is a question of planning a family. Here in particular, we seek to support women students and graduates in advancing successful artistic careers.

Individual job coaching for young female musicians

Female students and graduates can take advantage of offerings (sponsored by the Berliner Chancengleichheitsprogramm BCP, or Equal Opportunity Program) for individual coaching pertaining to the job application process.

Counselees determine the topics themselves, for example

  • How do I assemble and organize an appealing and formally correct application? (application documents check)
  • How do I demonstrate initiative?
  • How do I apply in various contexts (at institutions, organizations, schools, at academies, with agents, for scholarships, etc.?)
  • As a (female) musician, how can I heighten the visibility of my artistic profile, my experiences, and my competencies?
  • How do I attract the attention of an artist's agent?
  • How do I prepare myself optimally for job interviews, presentations, auditions, and appointment procedures?
  • In preparing a curriculum vitae, how do I get around gaps, i.e. those occasioned by the raising of children?
  • Which kinds of informal “rules of the game” should I be aware of?
  • How can I take advantage of my contacts and my network?
  • What are application procedures like in Germany? (for foreign students)

In many interviews, questions emerge that pertain to motivation and strategy:

  • What am I actually doing here, and why?
  • What are my concrete goals, what do I want to achieve, and by which date, and most importantly, how do I get there?
  • What (else) am I willing to do to succeed?

    Counseling can definitely address long-term career planning as well.

Absolute confidentiality is maintained for all interviews.

Taking place every semester in addition are two block seminar for female students, at which information is conveyed and exchanged and – this is of vital importance – also tested and practiced.

Information portal on the application process

Forthcoming here and updated regularly will be a download area designed to provide access to useful and interesting information for all students and graduates:

  • examples of correct and appealing applications
  • assistance with formulating ideas
  • checklists
  • addresses
  • useful links
  • reading tips