Measures against the coronavirus pandemic currently implemented at the HfM

Due to the corona situation the summer term 2021 must begin with restrictions. We have now tentatively established the following approach for the first weeks of the semester. We plan to secure (but not extend!) our essential artistic work with the following test strategy. This means that even when participants have been tested, everybody must continue to comply with the existing compulsory distance and hygiene regulations as well as the maximum occupancy of the rooms. The regulations for teaching in the summer term 2021 continue to apply (from 18.03.2021).


As of immediate effect all employees of universities and Hochschulen are in priority category 3 in the vaccination regulation § 4 No. 8 and 9 ( and can therefore arrange a vaccination appointment in one of the vaccination centres or with your family doctor. A certificate from the Hochschule is needed: All employees in teaching and administration, including volunteers and student employees, can request this from the ServiceCenter staff under scpersonal(at), in the case of the “Lehrbeauftragte” via the function email address of the respective department administration. The certificate is not required to arrange an appointment but you will need to show it at the vaccination appointment.

Rules for vaccinated and recovered people

In the school, the applicable hygiene, distance and test rules will remain in place for everyone for the time being. Only when the safety for everyone can be assessed and guaranteed, only when more than half of the community has been vaccinated, will there be changes here.

Internal class concerts

From May 10th, internal class concerts can take place again. If teachers are planning a concert, they should contact Mr. Hellmann (johannes.hellmann(at)
The prerequisite for an internal class concert is that everyone present in the room has submitted a daily negative result of a corona rapid test. This is to be checked by the responsible teacher and documented on the attendance card. The following maximum room occupancy applies to internal class evenings:

  • KKS: a total of 16 people (max. 6 musicians on stage at the same time)
  • GKS I + II: a total of 12 people (max. 4 musicians on stage at the same time)
  • Studio hall: a total of 16 people (max. 4 musicians on the front stage at the same time)

Even with a negative test, it is still obliged to continue to comply with all hygiene and distance rules as well as the mask requirement.

Test requirements for attendance at the School

1. Practice/Rehearsals

a. Individual practice: No test obligation! We recommend you visit an external test centre.
b. Group rehearsals with up to 5 persons (without teaching staff): No test obligation! We recommend you visit an external test centre before the first rehearsal. Student rehearsals with more than 5 persons in the room at the same time are not permitted until further notice.

2. Face-to-face teaching

a. Individual artistic lessons incl. accompanists (up to 3 persons in the room at the same time): No test obligation! We recommend you visit an external test centre before lessons begin. The participants can agree amongst themselves to each present a negative test at the start
of the lesson.
b. Ensemble rehearsals with more than 3 singers at the same time: Professional same-day rapid test is obligatory. This is organised and carried out by the school for all project participants.
c. Scenic projects in which the minimum distance of 3 metres between the participating singers cannot be maintained: Professional same-day rapid test is obligatory. This is organised and carried out by the school for all project participants.
d. Other larger projects/special events with more than 7 people in the room at the same time (e.g. exams, entrance exams, teaching rehearsals etc.): Obligatory registration via the head of department to the school’s management as well as to Mr Hellmann (SE VG-L). An individual test strategy will be decided on.

4. General rules for attendance

According to the regulation of the state of Berlin, all employees (teachers as well as administration staff) who are required to work in person at the school must be offered two tests per week as soon as this can be carried out on site. For the time being, we can only fulfill this by requesting you to use the external test centres with self-registration. Any costs incurred for a second quick test per week (Mon-Fri) can be reimbursed by the school on application.
However, depending on availability, the school is planning to extend the test strategy and provide employees with self-tests to carry out under supervision. We are currently looking intensively at recruiting trained staff for this in order to expand the test strategy. For administrative staff, the supervision of these tests will be delegated to department managers after briefing has taken place.

FAQs Counseling and financial support

In order to accompany all members of the school as effectively as possible during this time, in their studies, their personal situation, their place of work, the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin offers a broad range of counseling and support, which we have expanded further during this time.

We would like to offer you an overview of the most important points of contact and information about financial support.

Entering from abroad: Quarantine and Digital Registration

If you are entering Germany from another country and have visited a risk area in the 10 days before your arrival, then you are in general required to stay in quarantine for 10 days after entry. Please check the quarantine regulations for your federal state (Land) to see which regulations apply to you. 
Coronavirus measures of the Senate Chancellery