FAQs Coronavirus Management

For the winter semester 2021/22, the 3G guideline (vaccinated, recovered, tested) decreed by the state of Berlin is an absolute basic requirement for participation in courses, practical formats and face-to-face exams. Thus, the 3G guideline is sufficient for individual practice, group rehearsals and individual or group lessons, if the prescribed safty distances are still observed.

There will be the possibility for all vaccinated and convalescent persons (2G) under the given regulations to carry out large projects without distance, mask and person restrictions. For all unvaccinated persons (3G) there will be parallel offers - within the possible legal framework with distance and, if necessary, a mask for your own protection.


For members of the university who have not recovered or have not been vaccinated, there is still an obligation to test and thus a need for test options. Until now it was possible to get free citizen tests (rapid antigen tests) at many places in Berlin. This public offer ends on October 11th. From this point on, the State of Berlin will no longer allow or finance free tests in universities either. From this point on, all unvaccinated students and teachers are responsible for organizing and paying for their required test certificates.

Yes! If you would like to take advantage of the school's own vaccination offers or would like advice, please contact our corona management at corona@adm.hfm-berlin.de.

We are in intensive discussions - on the one hand directly with politicians and on the other hand in parallel with several scientists in order to find a solution for you - possibly with an additional mRNA cross-vaccination - and to have this approved. We will keep you up to date with our corona emails!

The State of Berlin is supporting its citizens by setting up test centers for free rapid tests throughout the city. You can register for a test quickly and easily on the website https://test-to-go.berlin.
The crisis team appeals to you to get tested regularly - preferably once a week – so that we can protect our community, teachers, students and administration.

For individual lessons and for practicing a test is not necessary. From a group size of 6 people, everyone must to present a daily negative test. Please note that these currently applicable regulations will change with the start of the winter semester on October 1, 2021.

The state of Berlin passed on to the universities the task of implementing plans for the comprehensive use of tests to increase the safety of coming in person into the school buildings. The requirement is to offer two tests a week to all school members (teachers, students and administration). Although we have already set up a test concept for the larger projects planned this term, expanding this to include several hundred additional people is a mammoth task that the crisis team is now facing. Please note that these currently applicable regulations will change with the start of the winter semester on October 1, 2021.

In case of cold symptoms, fever, loss of sense of smell or taste, it is essential to go into home quarantine and get tested for COVID 19. We have set-up channels of reporting within the School which come into effect immediately and effectively in cases of infection or suspected infection. Please click on this link to our Corona Guidelines and read the entire paper we have prepared for you.

Please announce yourself immediately in case of a positive test result under the HfM’s corona management email address:

The School’s entire communication is taking place via the HfM email addresses.
Students can continue using the email they already have: firstname.lastname(at)stud.hfm-berlin.de
Faculty have received new email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)doz.hfm-berlin.de
Assistant lecturers now also have HfM email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)lba.hfm-berlin.de
You will find instructions on how to set up your HfM email here: Dowload Einrichtungsanleitung PDF

The applicable hygiene regulations are stored for teachers and students in the eislerCloud in the "Corona Maßnahmen" folder.

We have determined reporting chains within the School, which come into effect immediately and effectively in cases of infection or suspected infection. 

The infection rates are rising in the metropolis of Berlin with its 3.5 million inhabitants, the cold season is upon us and it is possible that one or several of us may be infected with Covid-19. Therefore, it is all the more important that we act responsibly and adhere to the German “AHA-L” rule:

Keeping a distance of at least 1.5 m from the next person,
complying with hygiene rules,
wearing facemasks (please wear a medical mask (surgical mask), an FFP2 or KN95 mask whenever you are inside a School building) and
ensuring good ventilation.

The most important thing you must do: if you have any reason to suspect you might be infected, stay at home! Please activate and check your HfM email addresses regularly, so we can ensure functioning communication chains within our School community. Within your circle, please make sure that everyone has activated their HfM email addresses: this is the only way for us to keep you all informed of developments within your direct surroundings.

One additional HfM specific is registering each and every person in ASIMUT: this is the only way we can ensure tracking and tracing of all contact persons in suspicious cases.
The HfM’s corona management team is available via this email address: corona(at)adm.hfm-berlin.de