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FAQs Practicing and Teaching

Can I practise now at the School?

In keeping with the distancing and hygiene rules, practising is currently only possible for students to practise individually. Should you realise that your ASIMUT account is blocked for room booking, please send an e-mail and add your current mobile number to ueben(at)hfm-berlin.de.

Which information is available via EislerCloud?

Most students and instructors are already actively using EislerCloud, which is accessible with an HfM email address. All important information is available in the following folders:

  • “Infos Eisler eCampus“: Information on tools, technical instructions and tips for digital instruction
  • “Corona-Maßnahmen“: Information on current measures and regulations (e.g. access to the practice rooms in the Marstall building)
  • “Gremien an der HFM“: Documents of the Academic Senate

FAQs Organising studies

Could my “Regelstudienzeit” be extended, due to the pandemic-related delays?

The State of Berlin has regulated the accreditation process of the 2020 summer semester and 20|21 winter semester in favour of the students. Students who are enrolled in the 2020 summer semester and/or 20|21 winter semester and have not taken a leave of absence will benefit from an extended individual “Regelstudienzeit”. This, however, does not apply for students who had already reached the upper limit of semesters of “Regelstudienzeit” at the end of the 2019/2020 winter semester. 

Students now have two extra semesters to catch up on lessons and attend cancelled classes, and to take examinations which were cancelled due to the pandemic. Therefore, the maximum period for which BAföG financial aid is available has also been extended by two semesters. For bachelor’s degree courses, that means 8+2=10 semesters; for master’s degree courses, it means 4+2=6 semesters, and for concert degrees 4+2=6 semesters. Therefore, the semesters continue to be counted, and additional semesters are “added” in the end.

How can I contact the Enrolment and Examinations Office, the Study Advice Office and the International Office?

To protect against the spread of the coronavirus, no personal consultation hours are taking place at the Study Advice Office, Enrolment and Examination Office and International Office. You can contact us under studium(at)adm.hfm-berlin.de.

Can I currently get my student identity card/semester ticket?

Student tickets for the summer semester 2021

We will send you the student ID card by mail within Germany.

  1. ​Please update your address in your eislerCampus account under "My Contact deta" and 
  2. write an email to studium@adm.hfm-berlin.de with the request to send you your ticket.

Who can help me set up my mail account and solve general technical problems?

The HfM’s team of eTutors is ready to assist with technical issues, concrete planning and implementation of digital instruction: please contact etutor(at)doz.hfm-berlin.de.

Important information about the Berlin Immigration Office (LEA)

For the time being service will only take place by appointment.

It is generally possible to extend residence titles no earlier than 8 weeks before they are scheduled to expire.
If possible, you should book an appointment 4-6 weeks before your visa, residence permit or EU Blue Card is scheduled to expire.

Important: Book an appointment before your residence title expires:

Hygiene precautions at the LEA:
Before each access to the building, a contact-free fever measuring will take place. Mouth and nose must be covered. 

Further question: studium(at)adm.hfm-berlin.de

Rules for In-Person Teaching starting on January 11, 2021

  1. General Rules
    Only those who are registered in our building administration programme Asimut are allowed access to our buildings. Registration cards must still be filled out. Within the School’s buildings, the obligation to wear a facemask and to follow hygiene and ventilation rules continues to be in effect - including during lessons (unless wearing a facemask is impossible to reconcile with artistic work). Please wear a medical mask (surgical mask), an FFP2 or KN95 mask whenever you are inside a School building.
  2. Individual Practice
    Individual practice continues to be possible. Please refer to the handout “Studierenden-Info_Üben im WiSe 2020/21” dated 20.11.2020 (eislerCloud/Corona-Maßnahmen – Üben und Unterrichten im WiSe 2020_2021: eislercloud).
  3. Chamber Music Rehearsals
    Regular and officially listed chamber music ensembles may resume practising from January 11 onwards, as long as they have a permit to practice (“Übegenehmigung”). Explanations can be found in the handout „Studentisches Üben im WiSe 2020/21“ dated November 20, 2020 (eislerCloud/Corona-Maßnahmen – Üben und Unterrichten im WiSe 2020_2021: eislercloud). Please remain aware of the fact that the risk of infection increases when several people come together.
  4. Teaching
    • Individual artistic lessons (incl. répétiteurs) are allowed once again from January 11, as long as they cannot take place adequately in a digital form. Please also refer to the handout for teachers: „Lehrenden-Info_Unterrichten im WiSe 2020/21“ dated September 9, 2020 (eislerCloud/Corona-Maßnahmen – Üben und Unterrichten im WiSe 2020_2021: eislercloud).
    • Chamber music lessons, theory lessons in small groups and project work are possible if they cannot take place adequately in a digital form and as long as no more than 5 students plus a maximum of 2 teachers occupy a room / hall. Otherwise, the maximum occupancy numbers for individual rooms continue to be in effect.
    • Lessons for larger groups can still only take place digitally from January 11 onwards.
  5. In-Person Exams
    Essential exams may be held in-person and on site, following the existing rules on distancing, hygiene and ventilation. The number of persons present must be kept to a minimum: the candidate(s), necessary accompanying students/artists and the examination commission (max. three persons).
  6. Concerts and Events
    Until January 31 (and possibly longer), no larger ensemble projects, group concerts, class concerts or internal events may take place. Please refer to the limitation of persons present in any room explained in Item 4.
  7. Guests
    Guests continue to be excluded from the School buildings. EXCEPTIONS can be made only if external persons are essential for teaching or examinations.
  8. Recordings
    Permission for recordings in larger rooms / halls may be granted if they are necessary for entrance exams, competitions or imminent auditions. Requests for dates for independent recordings not requiring recording engineers may be addressed to the SE VG: ueben(at)hfmberlin.de. Recordings with HfM recording engineers must still be authorised by the head of your department.
  9. Library
    The library is open for School members starting on January 11 for borrowing. However, working on the library premises is still not possible.

The stipulations in the Corona guidelines on our website apply to the reporting of illnesses or suspected cases to the school.

The following rules continue to apply:

  • Keep distance, wear a facemask, adhere to hygiene, air all spaces intermittently.
  • Obligatory facemasks: Starting immediately, there is a general obligation to wear a facemask during all activities within the Hanns Eisler School. Please wear a medical mask (surgical mask), an FFP2 or KN95 mask whenever you are inside a School building.
    The following exceptions apply:
    - If wearing a facemask cannot be reconciled with artistic/practical instruction, practicing and rehearsing, facemasks do not have to be worn.
    - If this is the case, the existing rules on distancing and ventilation for instruction, practicing and rehearsing must strictly be observed.
    - Wearing a mask is not obligatory at your own work station, as long as you are alone in the room.
    - In offices with several work stations in which the necessary distancing and good ventilation can be implemented, wearing a facemask is not obligatory, but it remains highly recommended.
  • For the protection of instructors and students, the law does not permit lessons to take place in private spaces or at home. Our building management and cleaning staff are working intensively to ensure a safe environment, with hygiene and distancing for all members of the School community.
  • All public events at the School have been cancelled and the School’s buildings are not open to the public until further notice.
  • Please note the current distancing rules and keep at least 1.5 metres between you and other persons. Hand disinfectant stations are available in both the School’s buildings in the entrance foyers and inside the restrooms. Only one person is allowed in elevators.