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Measures against the coronavirus pandemic currently implemented at the HfM

The crisis task force of the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin is in regular contact with the Senate’s Chancellery responsible for Berlin’s scientific landscape and with all directorates of Berlin’s universities and academies, in order to coordinate current measures against the coronavirus pandemic. 
The HfM Hanns Eisler has transitioned gradually from “emergency operations” to “limited operations”:

  • Obligatory facemasks: due to rising case numbers and for the protection of everyone, facemasks must be worn in all common spaces of the School, starting immediately. Please wear your facemask in all public areas, from entering the building until you reach your instruction or practice room, and also in the toilets.
  • Extended opening hours: in order to offer you extended access as we move towards the winter semester, we are opening both School buildings on Saturdays and Sundays for you from 10 am to 6 pm, starting on the weekend of September 5/6. Please book the times you wish via Asimut, as usual.
  • The school’s administration returned from working at home to working in their regular school offices on June 29, 2020. Hygiene and distancing rules are in effect.
  • Limited individual teaching possibilities in the school buildings: The two buildings of the HfM Berlin will be re-opened under specific premises and in compliance with specified regulations for both, practicing and the implementation of one-to-one teaching. We are still in our digital semester and we are fully aware that many of you are unable to travel to Berlin; the 2020 summer semester in Berlin is “optional”: the semester does not count towards the standard number of semesters for a degree, and has been formulated by the authorities as an “offer” to all students. Those who are unable to travel or who belong to one of the risk groups will not be disadvantaged in any way.
  • Individual artistic instruction will resume on June 2, 2020, in keeping with the necessary distancing and hygiene rules. In case of infections, the School must be able to reconstruct who has been using specific rooms.
  • For the protection of instructors and students, the law does not permit lessons to take place in private spaces or at home. Our building management and cleaning staff are working intensively to ensure a safe environment, with hygiene and distancing for all members of the School community.
  • All public events at the School have been cancelled and the School’s buildings are not open to the public until further notice.
  • The library has set up limited circulation of media after previous registration, using a pickup and return station in the foyer of the Charlottenstraße building. Furthermore, there is the possibility of ordering scanned sheet music and texts by email or phone, within the limits of existing copyright regulations. Click here for details on borrowing media.
  • Business trips should only be undertaken if there is a compelling necessity to do so.
  • Please note the current distancing rules and keep at least 1.5 metres between you and other persons. Hand disinfectant stations are available in both the School’s buildings in the entrance foyers and inside the restrooms. We also recommend using the elevators only by yourself and only for the upper floors.


Has the teaching and examination period been changed?

As an exceptional measure, the teaching and examination period has been extended to September 30, 2020, in order to give everyone the chance to catch up on teaching not given yet and to take examinations, by mutual agreement with the students. Of course we also want to give you time for recreation and regeneration during the coming summer weeks. Therefore, we are interrupting the semester from July 20 to August 14, 2020.

How will the second round of entrance examinations take place?

During the period from September 21 to October 2, 2020, the second round of entrance examinations will take place – if possible, in person and on-site. During this time, we kindly ask you not to plan any examinations, teaching or projects, since we will need all available halls.

Will my “Regelstudienzeit” be extended if the 2020 summer semester is added to my total number of semesters?

The State of Berlin has regulated the accreditation process of the 2020 summer semester in favour of the students. Students who are enrolled in the 2020 summer semester and have not taken a leave of absence will benefit from an extended individual “Regelstudienzeit”, which is prolonged by one semester. This means that bachelor degree students have a total of 9 semesters, while master degree students and concert examination students have a total of 5 semesters to complete their degrees. This, however, does not apply for students who had already reached the upper limit of semesters of “Regelstudienzeit” at the end of the 2019/2020 winter semester. It is not necessary for students to complete an application for a ninth resp. fifth semester.

What happens if I have registered for an examination?

Students who have registered for an examination this semester, but wish to postpone this to the following semester, are requested to get in touch with the Examination Office by July 16 by emailing pruefungsamt(at)hfm-berlin.de in order to cancel. Should you have agreed with your teacher that you will be taking examinations normally scheduled for this semester, please register for those.

What are the opening hours of the HfM buildings this summer?

From Monday to Friday, the Neuer Marstall and the Charlottenstraße building are open for you from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm during July and August. The regulations on practising and teaching are still in effect. Teachers and students are requested to pre-register online via Asimut. From September, we would like to open the buildings on the weekends as well, but this must be decided at a later date, with close regard to current developments.

When does the winter semester begin and how will it take place?

The winter semester is scheduled to begin on October 5, 2020. We are aware that the development until the autumn cannot be predicted at this point. Even if we hope to welcome all the members of our School community in Berlin on October 5, 2020, we will still have to live with restrictions during the winter semester as well – not least when it comes to group teaching and the availability of halls and rooms. It is possible that we will be our own audience for School events! We expect a “hybrid semester” consisting of as much on-site teaching as possible, but also including some digital teaching.

When will on-site teaching resume?

Instruction is currently taking place only online. Individual artistic lessons will be possible again starting on June 2, 2020, under specific premises and in compliance with specified regulations for both, practicing and the implementation of one-to-one teaching. We are still in our digital semester and the 2020 summer semester in Berlin is “optional”: it does not count towards the standard number of semesters for a degree. Those who are unable to travel or who belong to one of the risk groups will not be disadvantaged in any way.

Can I practise now at the School?

In keeping with the distancing and hygiene rules, practising is currently possible in a very limited manner and only for students who are in Berlin and have no possibility of practising at home. Staggered time slots are available for the practise rooms in the Marstall building. You must register through your main course teacher.

How long the summer semester will actually last and when the winter semester will begin?

At the moment, the dates previously published are still in effect, i.e. the semester ends on July 3 (with examinations through July 17), and the winter semester begins on October 5. However we are in regular conversation with the other arts universities in Berlin and the local authorities and will discuss in the various committees next week whether teaching could optionally take place until the end of July and in September, in order to enable students to catch up and/or take examinations. Since students will not be able to acquire certain points for ensemble playing in the customary manner in the current circumstances, substitute credits may be assigned in consultation with your main teacher. This should enable all students who wish to complete their studies this semester to do so.

How can I contact the Enrolment and Examinations Office, the Study Advice Office and the International Office?

To protect against the spread of the coronavirus, no personal consultation hours are taking place at the Study Advice Office, Enrolment and Examination Office and International Office. You can contact us under studium(at)hfm-berlin.de

Please address your inquiries exclusively to this address. The e-mails will be forwarded to the respective responsible colleagues.

How can I receive current information from the School?

The School’s entire communication is taking place via the HfM email addresses.
Students can continue using the email they already have: firstname.lastname(at)stud.hfm-berlin.de
Faculty have received new email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)doz.hfm-berlin.de
Assistant lecturers now also have HfM email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)lba.hfm-berlin.de
You will find instructions on how to set up your HfM email here: Dowload Einrichtungsanleitung PDF

Which information is available via EislerCloud?

Most students and instructors are already actively using EislerCloud, which is accessible with an HfM email address. All important information is available in the following folders:

  • “Infos Eisler eCampus“: Information on tools, technical instructions and tips for digital instruction
  • “Corona-Maßnahmen“: Information on current measures and regulations (e.g. access to the practice rooms in the Marstall building)
  • “Gremien an der HFM“: Documents of the Academic Senate

Will the summer semester count toward my regular number of semesters?

The summer semester does not count: if you cannot participate in all the courses planned for this semester or take the exams, this will not have a negative effect on the number of your semesters. You will have an additional semester with the possibility to catch up on lessons, coursework and exams.
However, depending on their individual circumstances, students may agree to take exams and receive credit points.

Important information about the Berlin Immigration Office (LEA)

Berlin Immigration Office (LEA) is open again.

Hygiene precautions at the LEA:
Before each access to the building, a contact-free fever measuring will take place. Mouth and nose must be covered. Appointments have been sent by email to customers who registered before April 23. The cash desks remain closed in order to protect against infection. The entire fee procedure has been changed to fee notices. The waiting rooms and other office areas will remain closed to the public.
Online dates are not yet being offered and consultations without prior appointment are not possible. For clearly defined emergency cases (urgent travel required after title expires) the service in Room 80 at Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24 will remain available. Consultations via the telephone hotline will continue.

For further questions: studium(at)hfm-berlin.de

► Current information: Landesamt für Einwanderung
► FAQ Landesamt für Einwanderung – English

Information for BAföG recipients

BAföG recipients should not suffer any financial disadvantages from the COVID 19 pandemic.

  • The period of pandemic closure of the university is treated like a lecture-free period.
  • New students who cannot start their studies in summer semester 2020 as planned will receive their payments from the time lectures should have started regularly.
  • As with classroom teaching, participation in online teaching, if provided by the university, is mandatory.
  • The same applies for funding for studies abroad.
  • In the event of unavoidable pandemic-related training breaks (e. g. postponement of the final examination), BAföG will continue to be granted for a certain time.
  • If necessary documents (e. g. enrollment certificate, transcript of records) cannot not be presented on time due to pandemic-related restrictions, this does not prevent you from receiving the grant.
  • If exams or courses cannot be attended (on time) due to coronavirus-related restrictions, a postponement of the submission date for the transcript of records can be requested.

► www.bafög.de

Whom can I turn to if I, as a student of the academy, experience financial distress due to the coronavirus pandemic?

Social Trust Fund:

Students of the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin have the possibility to apply for financial support from the social fund of the AStA. For further information on the application process, please click here:

Federal aid for students:

The bridging aid of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is intended to help students who can prove an acute emergency situation due to the corona pandemic.
The federal aid can be applied for by domestic and foreign students who are enrolled at state and state-recognized universities in Germany.

Detailed information and the application form can be found at:

Current office hours and availability of the studierendenWERK:

Coronacare Live Concerts:

Can I currently get my student identity card/semester ticket?

Student tickets for the winter semester 2020/2021

Students who are re-registered for the winter semester can pick up their identity card on site (probably by October 1) at the following times:

Tuesdays: 11-12 a.m.
Charlottenstraße: outside area in front of the entrance

Thursdays: 11-12 a.m.
Neuer Marstall: outside area in front of the entrance

If you have any questions regarding the semester ticket, please contact: studium@hfm-berlin.de