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Important information - Coronavirus

Due to the continued rapid spread of the corona virus, current measures have been taken for the Berlin academic landscape in coordination with all university management.

  • At the end of the business day on Friday, March 20, 2020 the School will switch to emergency skeleton services. The School’s buildings will be temporarily closed. The crisis task force continues to work from the School’s main building and will be supported by a minimum staff drawn from the academy’s core positions in these efforts. All other administration staff are working remotely and digitally.
  • The beginning of the summer semester is postponed to 20 April 2020.
  • All events and concerts are to be canceled until 20 July 2020.
  • All university and academy libraries in Berlin are switching to online services. All return dates on media are cancelled and no late fees will be imposed. 
  • Work-related travel, including within Germany, is prohibited.
  • The Charité Clinic recommends to avoid all physical and close social contact.

March, 19, 2020, 2 pm

How can I contact the Enrolment and Examinations Office, the Study Advice Office and the International Office?

To protect against the spread of the coronavirus, no personal consultation hours are taking place at the Study Advice Office, Enrolment and Examination Office and International Office. You can contact us under studium(at)hfm-berlin.de

Can I currently get my student identity card/semester ticket?

Within Germany we can send you the student identity cards by mail. Please send an e-mail with your current address to studium@hfm-berlin.de. The identity cards will be sent out successively.

Important information about the Berlin Immigration Office (LEA)

LEA will remain closed at all locations until April 17, 2020. All appointments are canceled. No new appointments are given. The customer service only takes place with online or written procedure.

Foreigners living in Berlin whose temporary residency permit or provisional residence document is soon expiring or who had an appointment, are required to make use of the respective online procedure to secure residency rights. The certificate displayed on screen after completing the online form serves as confirmation of the application and extends the validity of the temporary residence up to the date of the new face-to-face appointment. The same applies to all secondary provisions of these documents, in particular with regard to the type and scope of permitted employment.

It is strongly recommended to print out the confirmation and save a digital copy.

Please note: Re-entry into Germany is only allowed if you are in possession of a valid residence permit, but not with the print-out of your application confirmation.

For foreigners with a temporary residence permit who left Germany before March 18, 2020 and have not re-entered Germany within six months, the six-month period will be extended until June 17, 2020. In such cases the residency permit will not become invalid if that person stays outside the country for longer than six months.
This rule does not apply if your residency permit expires between March 18, 2020 and June 17, 2020 or expired prior to March 18, 2020 owing to a stay outside the country in excess of six months.

If a re-entry before the expiry of the residence permit is prevented due to missing flight connections or closed borders, the immigration office (LEA) cannot help. It is neither possible to extend the residence permit from Germany, nor is it possible to send provisional residence documents or residence permits abroad or to do so through empowered persons. Expiring resident permits can also not be extended at a German embassy abroad.
In this case, a visa for re-entry can be requested from the German diplomatic mission. After issuing this visa, entry can take place.

For foreigners whose Schengen visa expires between March 18, 2020 and June 17, 2020, a three-month extension of the deadline for leaving Germany will be granted automatically. The three-month extension commences on the date of expiry of the visa.
This applies on the condition that at the time of expiry the person is indeed in Berlin and will remain here until he/she leaves Germany.

FAQ Landesamt für Einwanderung – English

Information for BAföG recipients

BAföG recipients should not suffer any financial disadvantages from the COVID 19 pandemic.

  • The period of pandemic closure of the university is treated like a lecture-free period.
  • New students who cannot start their studies in summer semester 2020 as planned, will receive their payments from the time lectures should have started regularly.
  • As with classroom teaching, participation in online teaching, if provided by the university, is mandatory.
  • The same applies for funding abroad.
  • In the event of unavoidable pandemic related training breaks (e. g. postponement of the final examination), BAföG will continue to be granted for a certain time.
  • If necessary documents (e. g. enrollment certificate, transcript of records) cannot not be presented on time due to pandemic related restrictions this does not prevent receiving the grant.
  • If exams or courses cannot be attended (on time) due to coronoa-related restrictions, a postponement of the submission date for the transcript of records can be requested.