Hans-Joachim Völz

  • Born in Görlitz
  • Studied political science and law at Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
  • Subsequent internship with the Born Higher Regional Court in Celle; completion of 2nd State Examination in Law
  • 1994: became a public employee with the Federal State of Berlin at the Senate Administration for Finances, District Office of Köpenick; the Senate Administration for Health and Social Affairs; as well as the Senate Administration of the Interior
  • Since 1995: trainee instructor
  • Since June 2004: Chancellor of the Hanns Eisler Music School Berlin
  • Since 2005: spokesperson for the Kanzlerkonferenz der deutschen Musikhochschulen (Chancellor conference of German music academies); since 2012: Vice Chairman
  • Since 2018: Chair of the spokespersons of the Kanzlerkonferenz der deutschen Musikhochschulen