Module Registration

Course offer in summer semester 2022

Courses must be registered on eislerCampus
Course registration is possible from from 24 January to 15 March 2022.

  • Please register for your courses within the registrateion period indicated above.
  • Register for both compulsary and elective courses. You are automatically registered for compulsary individual lessions (main subject, correpetition, compulsary subject piano, amongst others). You can view all registered courses on eislerCampus under "My registrations".
  • You can find a guide on eislerCampus in the folder "Infos Eisler eCampus" in the eislerCloud and on eislerCampus under "Guide".


How do I know which courses I have received credits for in the different modules, in the elective area or other areas of study?
From now on, you will see your courses in the list "My registrations"; the course titles will be added in your curriculum plan at a later stage.

There are some Testate missing in my curriculum plan – when and how will they be added?
The attestation of group lessons and electives of the summer semester 2021 is currently taking place; the attestation of compulsory individual lessons will take until the beginning of the winter semester 2021/22. In case earlier Testate are missing please contact the respective teacher.

Do I have to register for my compulsory music theory classes?
If you have already attended a music theory class, please register for Tonsatz (Music Theory) and Gehörbildung (Ear Training) according to your curriculum plan with the same teacher as before. If you are not sure which course exactly to register for, your teacher can help you.
New students will be assigned to music theory courses and do not have to register.

Are there exceptions from the general registration rules in my study programme?
In some study programmes, you will also have to register for compulsory individual lessons:

  • BA Wind instruments: Please register for the minor instrument ("Nebeninstrument").
  • BA Harp: Please register for Voice Training.
  • BA HiZeiTo, BA Composition: Please register for Conducting.
  • MA Chamber Music: Please register for the main subject via your curriculum plan in the course chamber music ("Kammermusik").

What do I have to do in order to register for chamber music?
When you register for chamber music, please add the following information in the field "My notes on registration" ("Anmerkung des Studierenden"): number of ensembles (in case you want to complete more than one chamber music task within the same semester), ensemble members (if already existent), repertoire, desired teacher. If you have any questions about the matter, please contact Wayne Foster-Smith (wayne.foster-smith(at)

In some courses, e. g. ensemble projects, I can only join the waiting list. When and how will I know if I have a place in the course/project?
Before the beginning of the project or the course, you are able to see in the list "My registrations" whether your status has changed from "Waiting list" to "Participant" or "Not admitted"/"Signed off". For further information, please contact the respective teacher; for ensemble projects, please contact the Orchestra Management.

I have to complete only 2 credits in the elective area. Can I register for electives with 4 credits?
No, you can only register for courses whose credits add up to the lacking amount plus one: so in this case you can only register for a course or courses with no more than 3 credits in total.

I cannot register for an elective although I still have credits due in the elective areas. Why is that so?
In the Master’s programme in orchestral instruments, it is compulsory to complete 4 credits with courses in musicology or music theory. If those are missing, you cannot elect other courses.

Can I still change modules after the election?
Yes, as long as you are not registered for any corresponding courses you can still change modules.

Please note: Piano Master's Students make their choice of focus area for their entire course of study – it is not possible to make changes at a later point!

Focus area: Am I automatically registered for the courses of a module after the election of a module?
No – after the election of a module you have to register for the corresponding courses.

Musicology: Do I have to do "Historische Stilkunde" or "Geschichte und Ästhetik der Musik"?
Information for first semester students: For the mandatory courses on music history, you can choose between the different options "Historische Stilkunde I" and "Geschichte & Ästhetik I":

  • In the module "Historische Stilkunde", broad music-historical knowledge is introduced and many musical examples are presented and listened to. The module is usually completed after two semesters with an oral exam.
  • In the module "Geschichte & Ästhetik", in addition to music-historical knowledge, cultural-historical and aesthetic issues are addressed in more depth. The module can also be completed with a written term paper.

Furthermore, for attending "Geschichte & Ästhetik" a German language level of at least B2.2 is recommended.