Semester Ticket - Public Transport

The semester ticket is valid for Berlin public transport. Each student has their own ticket, it is non-transferable, and cannot be used by anyone else. The semester ticket fee is compulsory and must be paid by all students as part of the semester fees. In individual cases, there is the possibility to be exempted (for example, during study abroad) or to apply for a subsidy to the ticket price. For further information, please contact AStA.

For how long is the semester ticket valid?

  • Winter semester: 1 October to 31 March
  • Summer semester: 1 April to 30 September

Where can one travel with the semester ticket?

  • Berlin A, B; and C zones
  • Special and excursion routes are excluded
  • Can be brought on public transport in conjunction with the semester ticket:
    • Children under 6, up to three children
    • Luggage
    • A dog
    • A stroller
    • A bicycle provided the form of transportation you use allows it and you are in the appropriate car (e.g. in the Ubahn or Sbahn, this is posted).

Ticket loss

Should your student ID/semester ticket be lost or stolen, you can get a new one in the Enrolment and Examinations Office for a small fee of 10,23 Euro.