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Module Registration

Winter Semester 2018-19 - Please note: registration through ASIMUT!


A complete listing of elective and required elective courses for winter semester 2018-19 is available in ASIMUT.

  • Electives
  • Interdisciplinary Professionalisation
  • Music Physiology
  • Bachelor students:
    • Seminars for Tonsatz II and Formenlehre II
  • Vocalists (from 5th semester BA and 1st semester MA):
    • Concentration (Opera — Concert) and
    • Subjects from the module „Künsterlische Profilbildung Vertiefung“ (= KPV)
  • Bachelor instrumentalists from 5th semester:
    • Concentration(s) (pedagogy — chamber music — orchestra)

The prerequisite for attendance in any elective or required elective course at HFM is registration through Asimut.

  • Registration for most courses ends on 1 November – with the following exceptions:
    • Courses with an audition: 1 October
    • Music Theory, Formenlehre, Composition Technique (required course), and Advanced Piano: 1 October
    • Projects and block seminars: Registration must take place by the first meeting of the work phase and during the first session respectively
  • The elective listings (printed or PDF) were finalized at the end of July. Changes (for example, course dates or times) will not be reflected in the elective listings, but will be found in your ASIMUT account.
  • Courses that are listed under electives but cannot be found in ASIMUT are either full or are not open due to an audition requirement
  • In exceptional cases, registration can take place after 1 November via email to asimut.hilfe@hfm-berlin.de
  • De-registration is possible during the registration period. Please de-register, if you are unable or do not want to attend the course! It can take awhile before the course will disappear from your ASIMUT timetable. We ask for your patience regarding this. De-registration only takes place within ASIMUT.

Please note: individual instruction – major subject, correpetition, piano, etc. – must be arranged directly with your instructor. Appointed instructors will be posted in their respective departments.

In the required courses ear training and compositional technique, students will be sorted into groups. The groups, lecture times, and responsible lecturers will be posted in the 5th floor of the Charlottenstr. building.

Information regarding German courses can be found here as well as posted in front of room 635 in the 6th floor of the Charlottenstr. building.