Green Campus

For a sustainable & climate-friendly school!

The Green Campus initative was founded in 2022 with the aim of making the school more sustainable and climate-friendly. Since then, the members of the Green Campus team have been meeting regularly to discuss relevant projects and ideas and actively promote them. In addition to the swap meet "EislerSwap" that takes place every semester and a workshop as part of the "Hochschultag", the Green Campus team is currently working on issues such as financial support for climate protection measures, waste avoidance and recycling in the two school buildings, water and energy consumption within the school, networking with other university initiatives and much more. The Green Campus team is in regular dialogue with the school's presidium, the facility management and the school committees on these topics. Above all, however, the Green Campus team is also concerned with raising awareness of the importance and urgency of sustainable and resource-conserving living and working within the school community in order to make a contribution to global climate and environmental protection.

Would you like to join the Green Campus team? Or do you have ideas and suggestions on how we can make the school more climate-friendly? Contact us at any time!