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Academic Senate

As the central administrative body of the Hanns Eisler School of Music, the Academic Senate (AS) discusses and makes decisions concerning policy and academic questions that affect the school as a whole. The Academic Senate consists of professors, academic staff, students, and other employees, who are elected at four year intervals by school members. With the exception of meetings concerning personnel an appointment matters, all sessions of the Academic Senate are public.

Tasks of the Academic Senate

  • To comment on drafts of the budget plan
  • To propose the establishment, modification, or elimination of organizational units
  • To establish or eliminate degree programs
  • To enact statutes
  • To establish guidelines for teaching, study, and examinations; to define procedural arrangements for school examinations across disciplines; as well as to issue opinions on study and exam regulations for the various departments
  • To adopt resolutions on school development plans and equipment planning as well as to define objectives regarding the appointment of instructors
  • To adopt resolutions concerning guidelines for the promotion of women and planning for the advancement of women
  • To issue opinions on proposals for appointments by the departments
  • To issue decisions of fundamental import concerning research and the promotion of young artistic talent
  • To adopt regulations concerning the utilization of school facilities
  • To determine enrollment figures
  • To coordinate the activities of the school’s departments and other facilities
  • To adopt resolutions concerning the selection of school directors as well as vice presidents and prorectors
  • To accept responsibility for other academic affairs which affect the school as a whole in the event that no other body has jurisdiction


Academic Senate 

ChairSarah Wedl-Wilson

Martin Bruns
Claus Unzen
Tabea Zimmermann
Antje Weithaas
William Forman
Jörg Mainka
Birgitta Wollenweber
Deputy: Christine Schäfer
Deputy: Anna Korondi
Deputy: Claudio Bohórquez
Deputy: n.n.
Deputy: Sanja Fister
Deputy: Wolfgang Heiniger
Deputy: n.n.

Academic Employees

Ron Lepinat
Anita Keller
Deputy: Patrick Braun
Deputy: Jonathan Ware
Julius Engelbach
Deputy: Marcel Raschke
Deputy: Kristina Krahn
Additional EmployeesAlexander Piefke
Maren Brinkhues de Valencia
Deputy: Heike Nagel
Deputy: Edith Reichel

Extended Academic Senate


Byron Knutson
Stephan Picard
Ralf Forster
Dr. Stefan Drees
Deputy: Ewa Wolak
Deputy: Stephan Forck
Deputy: Marie-Luise Neunecker
Deputy: Andrea Tober

Academic EmployeesKatrin Dasch
Deputy: Sabine Sava
StudentsCaroline Schnitzer
Jonas Kämper
Deputy: Nikita Swiridow
Deputy: Janneke Dupre
Additional EmployeesIlona Tornauer
Deputy: Michaela Engelbrecht