Open door for ideas and complaints

Open door for ideas and complaints

• Would you like to actively shape the HfM?

• Do you have ideas or a proposal for improvement you would like to share?

• Are you unsure where to turn with a specific question?

• Are you dissatisfied with something, do you have a problem, do you need support?

• Have you already turned to a school department with your concern, but received no response up to this point?

• Would you like to praise the HfM for something in particular?

Often, good ideas, questions, complaints, but also problems, and not least of all praise, remains unexpressed because they disappear into the "grapevine," and never actually reach the responsible individual or department, or instead are forgotten there.

With the establishment of a central contact point, the HfM seek to offer our support! Our door is open to you at any time for ideas and complaints!