Women's Affairs

The Women’s Affairs Officer advises and supports the school direction and other bodies and institutes of the school in maintaining a constitutional level of equal opportunities. She develops and implements women’s promotion guidelines and plans and clarifies agreed targets and realizes further measures for equal opportunities.

The Women’s Affairs Officer participates in all structural, organizational and personnel related activities relevant to women as well as being involved on all associated guidelines, reports and policies. She has the right of information, speech and application with all boards and bodies of the school and takes part in recruitment processes – from the advertising of the position through to the interviews and final selection. She receives inquiries and complaints and carries out information and public relations duties. This is intended to achieve equal chances of development for men and women based on qualification, and to remove disadvantages for women.

  • you require information about the promotion of young talent, scholarships, or prizes, as relevant specifically to women
  • you have questions about the Clara Schumann Coaching Program
  • you want feedback regarding application documents
  • you need support, for example with applications, or when preparing for a job interview, or for a reintegration interview (BEM)
  • you are having difficulty balancing studies with private, family-related demands
  • you believe you have been disadvantaged or discriminated against as a women, and want to discuss potential solutions
  • you are experiencing conflicts with schoolmates or teachers, or have been bullied
  • you feel that you have been offended or sexually harassed as a woman, and wish to discuss the matter with a neutral party
  • you have questions or suggestions concerning the use of gender-sensitive language

All conversations and e-mails are handled confidentially.

The practical application of equal opportunities at tertiary schools is supported by the federal and state governments. Many professorships and staff positions have already been financed at Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin, over and beyond the school’s budget by the Berlin Equal Opportunities Program.

The Women’s Affairs Officer is the contact person for staff, teachers and students of Hanns Eisler School of Music, in the case of any gender-based disadvantage, discrimination or harassment. She can be consulted confidentially regarding conflicts and can discuss possible solutions. The Women’s Affairs Officer is obliged to treat the personal issues of employees confidentially.

The school does not have its own childcare center. All students and family/ staff can register children at one of the five Berlin childcare centers of the Studentenwerk. The contact form is available on the Studentenwerk Homepage.

Baby changing tables are available at both school locations (Marstall and Charlottenstraße):

  • Charlottenstraße, 3rd floor, entrance of the ladies toilets
  • Marstall, Room 003, baby changing table and bench (key available at the gate)

Despite multiple challenges, the HfM strives to encourage those who have decided to have a child during their studies to pursue both aims simultaneously: a life with a child, and a successful course of studies. To make this possible, student parents can apply for a child care subsidy. You may apply for up to 500 euros per semester. The initial application must be accompanied by a copy of the birth certificate. Further information and application materials are available from the representative for women’s affairs.

Henceforth, book and toy boxes will be available for loan to all children who accompany their parents to the Hanns Eisler School of Music. Boxes contain books on the topics of music and musical instruments. They also contain a play blanket, a sketchpad with crayons, and a soft Boccia set for those who want to move around. Each is a “smorgasbord” for reading/being read to and for playtime activities for children ranging from 1 to 12 years of age.

Books and toy boxes can be borrowed hourly by all parents who study or teach at the School or belong to the administration, as well by grandparents, childminders, or other caregivers. Borrowers may select entire boxes or individual playthings. They are in the charge of the concierges at both locations of the HfM: Charlottenstraße 55, and the Marstall.

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