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General Information

DepartmentVoice, (Music Theatre) Direction
Programme Duration4 semesters
Possible StartWinter semester
Admission Requirements
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Advanced musical ability in the programme subject which must be demonstrated in the audition exam

Audition Exam

  • For winter semester: May/June

Exact dates for the upcoming Examination Week can be found here.

Participation is only possible after successful completion of an application and the resulting invitation.

Admission Regulations

Admission Regulations (PDF, 190 KB) - only available in German


For the study programme Production Dramaturgy for Music Theatre there will be a pre-selection. The pre-selection is based on a written concept in German that is to be submitted subsequent to the application period. Applicants are informed about the results in writing via the application portal.


Please upload the German-language written concept to be submitted (in PDF format) and any other documents required using the link provided by our school.

Check that recordings for an audiovisual documentation are available and accessable (no password/no login function).
Please mark all files with your name or create a ZIP-compressed folder with your documents and label it with your name so that the documents can be clearly allocated.

Requirements Concept

  • From a list of music theatre works to be announced by 1 June 2020, a piece is to be selected for which a written concept must be submitted by 15 July 2020.
  • The concept elaboration should be 4 to 8 pages long. 
  • Attached layouts, drawings and photos of the imagined features are explicitly welcome.
  • Please enclose the following documents with your written staging concept:
    • proof of practical theatre experience in the field of dramaturgy or dramaturgy assistance in at least two music theatre productions;
    • specially written texts on music theatre productions;
    • detailed information about your musical education.

List of works

Audition Exam

Audition Exam Process

The audition exam for the master's programme in Production Dramaturgy for Music Theatre is comprised of two parts:

  • A theoretical component for which the applicant will choose from a selection of works.
  • A practical component for which the scope and themes will be assigned.

For further information regarding this study programme and the application process, we highly recommend you to contact the relevant academic adviser prior to applying.


The following must be submitted:

  • a written staging concept for one of the selected works
  • proof of practical experience in music theatre in dramaturgy or dramaturgical assistance in at least two musical theatre productions
  • a small selection of texts you’ve written (or will prepare) about music theatre production – for example: production programs with substantial text, (university) essays, reviews or critiques, think pieces, commentaries, etc.
  • proof of musical education
Theoretical Exam

During the theoretical component, emphasis is placed on:

  • fundamental theoretical and practical theatre knowledge
  • sound knowledge of the dramaturgical connections of the selected work
  • analytical approach to compositional structure and context
  • the ability to discuss different readings and conceptions of the work
Practical Exam

During the practical component, the candidate’s aptitude will be assessed in the following areas:

  • comprehensive verbal expression and communication skills
  • sound ability to evaluate a rehearsal
  • broad reflectivity
  • ability to reference cultural-historical and contemporary contexts
  • ability to creatively and motivationally convey and articulate conceptual design and scenic processes
  • knowledge of the opera and theatre landscapes


Application Deadline
  • For winter semester: 15 April
Application Fee60,- €
Audition Exam
  • For winter semester: May/June