Academic Affairs

The work of the Society of Friends and Patrons rests upon several pillars. We endeavor to provide students with material, organizational, but also creative support.

Helping students help themselves is the work of the music agency “Eisleriana”. The Society of Friends and Patrons founded this professional music agency many years back. Students can register with “Eisleriana” to be invited to house concerts or public concert performances through the agency, with secure contracts and payment.

Coronacare Emergency Help

Coronacare is a monthly emergency help that is calculated individually and paid out at the end of the month. Through Coronacare, the AStA, in cooperation with the Society of Friends and Patrons, was able to support many students of the Hanns Eisler last semester who found themselves in financial difficulty. We would like to once again encourage all of you to apply for it if you are in financial need! The application must be submitted every month. 

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