Eisler eCampus

Eisler eCampus is the digital center of the HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin. We provide digital applications and technical devices, give advice on digital issues and offer direct support with the help of the student assistants (“eTutors”).

Cornerstone of the Eisler eCampus is the Campus Management System, which supports students, teachers and administrative staff in collaborating and organizing their studies.

Digital Transformation

Following the implementation of key digital components, the current task is to extend, adapt (customizing), coordinate (integration) and regularly review (evaluation) the digital services.

The manifold and vast changes due to digitization make it necessary to think and organize workflows and structures differently, especially in the areas of communication, collaboration and organization of the study process.

At the HfM Hanns Eisler, 'digital transformation' therefore not only means introducing further technical solutions, but above all focusing on students and teachers with their specific requirements as members of a school of music. 
This is what the Eisler eCampus team is here for.


The various Eisler eCampus services and digital components thus extend the basic IT structure provided by the ServiceCenter IT for the three Berlin art schools (HfM Hanns Eisler, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee (khb) and Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch (HfS). The Eisler eCampus is responsible for adapting the existing basic IT infrastructure to the specific needs and potentials of our School of Music with the help of the school's own competence team.

The various interlinked components of the Eisler eCampus are divided into five thematic fields and together form a comprehensive portfolio for digital organization, communication and collaboration in studying and teaching.

Digital processes: Structure and organization

The planning and organization of studies and teaching are digitally supported by central systems such as the Campus Management System and dynamically developed further, e.g. with the introduction of additional modules and their constant adaptation.

  • Application  | Muvac
  • Teaching Organization in Campus Management | Teaching Portal CAS Campus
  • Study Organization in Campus Management | Student Portal EislerCampus
  • Room Booking | Asimut

Digital technologies: tools and devices

The basis for successful digitization in organization, studies and teaching is equipment and a coherent application concept that sensibly combines university-specific hardware, software and tools with the basic services provided by the IT ServiceCenter.

  • Digital equipment in teaching rooms
  • Equipment rental
  • Internet access / Wifi

Digital communication: Information and collaboration

Good communication is essential for a smooth life at the campus: Appropriate communication channels for the secure exchange of information, various tools for productive and close collaboration are the focus of this module.

  • E-mail account | eislerMail 
  • Short messages in groups and thematic channels | eislerChat 
  • Information and Collaboration | eislerCloud 
  • Knowledge Management | eislerWiki 
  • Online teaching | Appassimo 

Digital competence: Application in studying and teaching

Application in studying and teaching
Together, we want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital transformation and offer all school members support in facing the technological challenges, finding solutions together and developing the corresponding digital competence. In the area of teaching and learning, in (self-)organization and in artistic expertise, “lifelong learning” is the key!

  • Advice and support 
  • Training and education for the use of tools and devices 
  • Trainings and Professional Development

Network 4.0: Exchange and Transfer

Since August 2021, the HfM has been part of Network 4.0 of Germany's Music Universities, a strategic alliance of 18 music universities focused on knowledge, transfer and exchange.