Composition Competition New Scenes Deutsche Oper Berlin

Drei als Astrinauten kostümierte Studierende in einer Art beleuchteten Raumschiff
NEUE SZENEN IV - Hauptprobe 10.04.2019 © Astrid Ackermann

New Scenes V
International composition competition hosted by Deutsche Oper Berlin and Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin

Call for entries

New Scenes for musical theatre. This is the fifth time that the Deutsche Oper Berlin has teamed up with the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin to organise the NEW SCENES International Composition Competition. Up to three winners will receive a grant to compose, respectively, a 20-to30-minute piece of musical theatre and a 3-to-5-minute vocal work for soloist or for singer accompanied by piano, the latter pieces being preliminary studies for the musical-theatre work. Lyrics and libretti are developed in liaison with the Deutsche Oper Berlin and the Hanns Eisler School of Music.

The solo vocal work will premiere in a concert given in early February 2020 in the Deutsche Oper Berlin. The work of musical theatre will be presented for the first time in April 2021 in the Tischlerei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin as part of the NEW SCENES production. It will be directed by three teams of directors from the Hanns Eisler School of Music using student singers from the School and featuring the Echo Ensemble under the direction of Manuel Nawri.

The competition is open to young composers up to the age of 35. Entrants should also submit an excerpt from their own musical-theatre work to back up their entry.

Conditions of entry

Entrants are asked to submit the following documents:

A sample of their work on a piece of musical theatre (score and -voluntary- CD, (2 copies of both))
Curriculum vitae and address (incl. email address)
Deadline for entries: 15th September 2019

Up to three prizes will be awarded. A prize takes the form of a grant (€7,000) to compose a 20-to-30-minute piece of musical theatre or a 3-to-5-minute vocal work either for soloist or for singer accompanied by piano.

Announcement of winners: 31st October 2019
Submission of vocal work: 15th December 2019
Performance of vocal work: Early February 2020 in the Deutsche Oper Berlin
Submission of piano excerpts / study materials for the musical-theatre work: 1st September 2020
Submission of scores and vocal material: 1st November 2020
Premiere and other performances in April 2021 in the Tischlerei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin

Chaya Czernowin (composer) – chairwoman
Prof. Manuel Nawri (conductor, Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin)
Prof. Wolfgang Heininger (composer, Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin)
Prof. Claus Unzen (director, Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin)
Sebastian Hanusa (dramaturg, Deutsche Oper Berlin)
Julia Spinola (music journalist)

The Tischlerei
The Tischlerei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin opened in the opera house’s former workshop in the 2012/13 season and coincided with the start of Dietmar Schwarz’s incumbency as Director. The 400-capacity venue has adjustable seating arrangements and is the setting for a broad programme focusing on experimental and contemporary forms of musical theatre. The Tischlerei has hosted and continues to host projects featuring a huge diversity of artists such as Gordon Kampe, Matthew Herbert, Ole Hübner, Konrad Boehmer, the band Brandt Brauer Frick, directors of the likes of Jakop Ahlbom, Annechien Koerselman, David Hermann, Maximilian von Mayenburg, Wolfgang Nägele and Daniel Pfluger and performers such as Peaches, Black Cracker, Caspar Brötzmann and NU Unruh. NEW SCENES, the biennial composition competition, forms a major part of the programme. Former prize winners include Evan Gardner (2013), Stefan Johannes Hanke (2013), Mischa Tangian (2015), Malte Giesen (2017), Irene Galindo Quero (2017), Thierry Tidrow (2017), Sven Daigger (2019), Josep Planells Schiaffino (2019) and Feliz Macahis (2019).

The judges' decision is final.