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Semester Fee/Re-Registration

All students, including those on a leave of absence or planning to take a leave of absence, are required to re-register within the set re-registration period in order to continue their studies.

Re-registration is completed by paying the semester fee in the amount of 304,89 Euro (summer semester 2021)
The re-registration period for winter semester 2021/2022: 14.06.2021 - 09.07.2021.

Further re-registration periods for past and future semesters can be found on the page Semester Dates.

If the semester fee is not paid during the designated re-registration period, an additional 19.94 Euro must be paid as a late fee.

Those who do not re-register and pay the semester fee will be exmatriculated at the end of the semester. If you have moved, please promptly send us your change of address.

Loss of the Semester Ticket

You have lost your semester ticket? You can obtain a substitute ticket for a fee of 10,23 Euro.

Breakdown of the Semester Fee

  • Contribution to the studierendenWERK Berlin (Sozialbeitrag): 54,09 €
  • Contribution to AStA: 7,00 €
  • Administrative fee: 50,00 € as regulated by § 2 Abs. 7 Berliner Hochschulgesetz
  • Semester ticket (public transportation): 193,80 €
  • Social fund contribution (is suspended for summer semester 2021)

Total fee: 304,89 €


The payment for the semester ticket is mandatory and must be paid by all students. In certain cases, it is possible to be exempt from the semester ticket or to receive a grant for all or part of the semester ticket price from HfM's social funds. You can receive further information from AStA.

In the event of a leave of absence, the studierendenWERK Berlin fee (Sozialbeitrag) may be waived in the following cases:

  • Conscription or mandatory civil service
  • Pregnancy or maternity leave
  • Studying abroad or completing an internship outside of Berlin

The administrative fee may be waived in the following cases:

  • Conscription or mandatory civil service
  • if the student is on an exchange programme and is required to pay fees to the exchange university with which HfM has a reciprocity agreement (proof required).
  • the international student is enrolled on the basis of an interstate or transnational agreement or partnership (waiver, if reciprocity exists).
  • the international student is funded through a federal or state level funding program.