Conflict Resolution Team

Dear HfM Students,

  • Is there something on your mind and you have no one to turn to?
  • Are you experiencing injustice in the classroom?
  • Are you dealing with discrimination?

The Conflict Resolution Team is here for you! We are here to support you both through counsel and action.

Our basic principles are confidentiality, indepedence, and respect.

Information will never be passed onto third parties without your consent.
Each step we take as individuals or a team will be discussed with you in advance.
You decide whether your concern and name be forwarded to the relevant authorities.

You can either contact an individual member of our team directly, or write to the whole team generally at vertrauensteam(at)

If you want to stay anonymous you can also use our mailbox. ("Vertrauensbox")


Students: Lilli Bogdanova, Sonja Bogner, Chian Lyn Loh
Teachers: Prof. Dr. Ute Henseler, Prof. Sibylle Mahni
Other members: Antje Kirschning (Women's representative), Carolina Lares-Jaffé (Substitution: Anja Freytag), Hannah von Hunoltstein (Idea and Complaint Management)