Social Media Guidelines


Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube facilitate the exchange of ideas and the distribution of information. The following recommendations are designed to provide you with orientation when using social media and to call your attention to a few points that are regarded as pertinent by the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin; you will need to consider these when presenting yourself on social networks.

It is important that you consider legal aspects as well as the policies of the Hanns Eisler School, and that you always treat others with respect. The norms of civility are valid in social media just as they are real life. When a discussion partner is impolite, it is best to terminate the exchange politely and avoid allowing yourself to be provoked.

On a case to case basis, the Hanns Eisler School reserves the right to delete posts that contain insults, defamation, or obscenity, or forms of expression that appear to be directed at specific groups or individuals, as well as those that violate established law. Nor is this forum suited to statements related to membership in political parties or religious confessions; we reserve the right to moderate statements accordingly. Contributions to social media channels are moderated, and are released as quickly as possible within social media business hours, assuming they comply with the conditions named in the guidelines.

Social Media Business Hours

Mon-Fri 10.00 am - 05.00 pm

General Guidelines

Corporate Identity

The logo of the Hanns Eisler School, along with pictograms and sub-brands, may not be used for private use (i.e. for-profit websites, flyers, or posters). The use of the name of the Hanns Eisler School to promote individuals, products, and the like is not permitted. You are however free to create links to the Internet presence of the Hanns Eisler School.

Data Protection

In order to protect yourself from fraudulent activities, it is recommended that as far as possible, you avoid publishing private data such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and addresses online.

Individual Responsibility

Please bear in mind that you – and not the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin – are always responsible for the contents you distribute on social media. Through search engines or the copying and subsequent distribution of posts, you may remain traceable, even after a number of years. This may be the case as well for comments that have already been deleted. In light of this information, please be careful concerning which contents you decide to publish.

Sensitive Situations

In the event that negative criticism of the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin appears in social media, only individuals who are specifically authorized for this purpose should contact the critic in the name of the School. Technical questions as well (i.e. concerning the application process) are to be dealt with by qualified staff members only.


If you represent the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin officially online, please be open about your identity. Even when you are engaged in promotion of the Hanns Eisler School on social networks as a private individual, please disclose your identity as a staff member or student of the School.

Public – Private

In private comments, you are perfectly free to disclose your identity as a member of the Hanns Eisler School. Please be aware that you are making your comments as a member of the School – not however as its official representative. Accordingly, please be clear about the fact that you are not conveying an official position of the Hanns Eisler School, but instead your view as a private individual.


Respectful, polite, and honest exchange is a priority for us. It goes without saying that we renounce expressions of discrimination based on origins, gender, or religion, as well as the linking to such contents. Even when you are reporting negative experiences, or when you do not agree with the point of view of a dialogue partner, please engage in argumentation in an objective and factual manner.

Due Diligence

In your posts, always clearly show which statements reflect your personal views, and which represent facts. Prior to publishing a post, please be certain you have assembled all of the necessary data, and provide sources as far as possible (for example through links). This will help to avoid subsequent corrections or even the deletion of your post. If you have nonetheless made an error, please enter your correction immediately in a way that is traceable for all readers.


Always ascertain whether and under which conditions you are permitted to use specific content. Intellectual property rights and the right to one's own image are protected by law. (Required, for example, is a declaration of consent from individuals who are clearly recognizable and/or represent important or central elements of a given photograph. For concert recordings, that is to say image or sound recordings, you will need the consent of the performers, composer(s), or publisher). For this reason, please adhere consistently to legal requirements with regard to data protection, copyrights, and trademarks. Do not publish images that might harm the individuals depicted in them. In all instances, external individuals require authorization for photography and for sound or video recordings produced within in the spaces of the Hanns Eisler School, as well as at external venues where the Hanns Eisler School is the event organizer.


The diligent and conscientious handling of information about/provided by the Hanns Eisler School is extremely important. Do not publish confidential information about the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin or its (former) members. When using social networks as well, members of the Hanns Eisler School must protect our operational and trade secrets. If you are unsure whether specific contents might be damaging to the Hanns Eisler School, please refrain from publication or contact the responsible editorial staff.

Advertising (Commercial)

The referencing by name of, for example, organizers, service providers, specific products, or manufacturers is permissible only where (commercial) advertising is not the primary objective, and where your specific topic cannot not be conveyed successfully without doing so (i.e. for events organized by the Hanns Eisler School, or those organized by the Hanns Eisler School in collaboration with other organizers).

Central Communications

All contributions are to be assembled and made them available centrally. For this reason, please do not create subpages; instead, convey them via internet presence set up by the Hanns Eisler School. In this way, you ensure that user swill not lose their sense of orientation.

Status: April 18, 2017