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The annual opera productions of the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin in the Studiosaal, along with coproductions with Berlin opera houses and orchestras, are highlights of the academic year. For our wide-ranging and often unconventional production projects, our directing students draw upon outstanding talent from our voice department and student instrumentalists. Our long-standing associations with Berlin’s opera houses and cooperative projects with the Bayreuth Festival represent a tremendous enrichment of the practically-oriented courses offered by the School. Today, more than a few of our graduates from the directing course occupy leading positions, while graduates in the voice department are ensemble members at international opera houses.

Today, students with 32 different nationalities come together to study direction and voice, which share a single department. The resulting process of cultural exchange serves as a powerful stimulus to the imaginative powers and creativity of all of our students, and represents an opportunity to set a standard in the artistic realm of the striving for peaceful and future-oriented mutual understanding between diverse cultures, to the benefit of our instructors as well.

Prof. Claus Unzen

Training at the Hanns Eisler School of Music is practically oriented to an exceptional degree – and the School is transformed into an opera house on a regular basis! Rehearsals with singers and orchestra take place in all of our spaces, directorial concepts are hammered out, stage sets constructed, costumes sewn and fitted, masks customized, lighting installed, instruments transported, and much more.

By supporting the Hanns Eisler School’s elaborate opera productions, you can offer our students the kind of invaluable practical experience that serves as a springboard to the world’s great stages. By donating to the School, you are investing in the future of music theater!

For young musicians, opera accompaniment is far removed from the ordinary. This was palpable, and in a very positive sense. What they lack in experience, they more than compensated for in commitment and passion. Productions are given excellent rehearsals, and the orchestra not only accompanies the singers on the stage flexibly and reliably, but also illuminates the score with liveliness and subtlety.

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