KLANGZEITORT Institute for New Music

KLANGZEITORT, the joint Institute for New Music Berlin of Berlin University of the Arts and Hanns Eisler School of Music, is conceived as a laboratory for musical composition and the reflective engagement with contemporary music.

KLANGZEITORT is primarily a forum for students and teachers. However, its offerings also serve all professional artists as well as those who want to gain an insight into current musical creation.

KLANGZEITORT researches practical and theoretical aspects of the inter- and transdisciplinary connection between music with:

  • theater and dance
  • fine arts and architecture
  • video and media art
  • familiar and foreign cultures

and views its work in the context of natural and social scientific approaches as well as current social and political issues.

Thus the institute maintains close contact with artistic creators, academics and technical experts from other areas.


The Institute hosts events and event series in various forms. These include concerts by student ensembles, the concert series ZOOM + FOCUS with works by students, guest concerts by ensembles from other schools, and also performances of larger transdisciplinary projects as well as space- and landscape-oriented installations. The presentations and workshops are aimed not only at students and teachers but also at interested guests and the initiated public.

With conferences and symposiums, the Institute also participates in the international discourse in the field.

In the 2016/17 winter semester the Institute organized a festival titled MEHRLICHT!MUSIK.


KLANGZEITORT has access to the infrastructure of both music schools, especially to the STEAM electronic studios at HfM “Hanns Eisler”, the UNIK studio at UdK and TU Berlin, as well as associated video studios.