Sexual discrimination

The representative for women’s affairs and the school executive of the Hanns Eisler School of Music have published the brochure “No Means No,” which contains information on sexual harassment, discrimination, and violence. It is designed to encourage all students, teachers, and employees to avoid boundary violations, to address them immediately, and to help individuals to emphatically express the need for distance while actively tackling sexual discrimination. All colleagues and students are encouraged to offer their support to affected women and men. The aim is a climate of gender equality and solidarity at the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin (HfM), an environment where everyone can function and develop without fear or restriction.

If you are experiencing an uncomfortable situation or are suffering from diffuse anxiety, you should take your feelings seriously. A conversation with a trusted individual should make it possible for you to reflect on your situation, discuss potential remedies, and receive concrete support. You should feel free to turn toward the representative for women’s affairs, the confidence team of the school​​​​​​​, or directly to the administration. You can be confident that your concerns will be treated confidentially, and that no steps will be taken without your prior consent. You alone will decide which measures you want to take! In addition, there are many counseling services in Berlin where you can seek advice on a confidential basis. A selection is found in the brochure.

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