In mid-March, AStA – together with the Society of Friends and Patrons –  launched the highly successful support program Coronacare. Altogether €46,065.00 was raised for the project. In April, 32 students, in May, 26 students, and in June, 23 students facing acute financial distress received support from the fund quickly and without complications. We want to convey our emphatic thanks to all of our supporters for their incredibly generous engagement! Meanwhile, federal funds are available as well for needy students.

To perform again, at long last, in front of a live audience is the ardent desire of all of our students. The remaining donated resources from the emergency fund will be distributed by AStA and the Society of Friends and Patrons as professional fees to students who would like to give small concerts in social service facilities, retirement and nursing homes, and care facilities. Through this gesture, our students strive to express their gratitude toward our supporters while giving something back to society.

Social services facilities in particular can rarely spare the financial resources required to remunerate musicians, and are hence often unable to plan cultural events. Our students are eager to offer little musical soirées (preferably in the open air, in courtyards, in front of balconies, in corridors, or in staircases). Facilities with greater financial resources at their disposal are also cordially invited to host small concerts with ensembles or individual musicians. Even modest fees are however welcome as well.

CORONACARE LIVE is a concert format for students of the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin, which is organized by the AStA in cooperation with the Society of Friends and Patrons under the patronage of our Director Sarah Wedl-Wilson.
CORONACARE LIVE brings musicians and social institutions together, allowing musicians to be able to perform in front of an audience during this corona crisis, and people, who don't usually have the possibility to go to concerts, to enjoy a nice concert and to take their minds off these hard times.

The StuPa-Präsidium is at your disposal for any further questions.
We look forward to your application!

Your contact persons: Raquel Alves, Jonas Kämper, Carl-Frederik Zeh

All Hanns Eisler students can apply for CORONACARE LIVE.
The application form can be found here and must be send to stupapraesidium(at)

Every musician from our university receives 150€ per concert.

CORONACARE LIVE is intended for students from our university. Musicians outside the university are welcome to join in, but CORONACARE LIVE doesn't pay them a fee and therefore these musicians don't have to fill out an own application form.

Yes, you can. But be aware that most of the institutions prefer ensembles and therefore, it might be harder for us to find a concert for you.

Yes, you can. But for each ensemble you should fill out a new application form.

No. Musicians have to find an ensemble themselves. This also applies to ensembles that lack a musician.

The concerts take place on the premises of social institutions (preferably outdoors, in inner courtyards, in front of balconies, in corridors or in stairwells). They are small house concerts that will last about 45 minutes/1 hour.
In most cases the audience will be mainly senior people. Therefore nice moderations and a light program are very welcome.

The concerts will take place according to the availability of the institutions that have applied for a concert. Therefore it can happen that a match between you and a Society takes shorter or longer.
The first CORONACARE LIVE concerts will take place in the second half of July.

The transportation of harps and percussion is financed by CORONACARE LIVE by handing over a receipt with the transportation costs.