Choir Conducting

Welcome to the Choir Conducting course. Ours is one of the very few courses on offer throughout Germany at undergraduate level in this area. This means that at our school, choir conducting is taught from the very beginning as the core subject – 90 minutes private lessons per week in the BA program and 120 minutes private lessons per week in the MA program. The focus of our particular course is on German choir music, with guest professors from abroad regularly adding authentic insights from their repertoires.

The aim of the BA course of study is to impart upon each student, through a comprehensive training in both a cappella and symphonic choir, the opportunities in conducting that match his or her personality. The focus of the MA course lies in the study of interpretation. The masterclass places the elaboration of the artistic personality at the center of discovery.

Prizes at international competitions as well as participation in the Choir Conducting Forum of the German Music Council contribute to the success of our class. Former students are now well-established in the German and international choir scene.