Welcome to the Historical and Contemporary Compositional Technique course, abbreviated “HiZeiTo” (for Historisch-Zeitgenössischer Tonsatz).

The HiZeiTo course offers comprehensive and flexible training for young musicians who wish to better understand historical and contemporary musical languages, styles and handwritings, to either pass these on to others or to incorporate and implement this practiced and reflective knowledge as part of an overarching project (applied music).

For both these directions, a focal area is definable during the course of study. The first of these is the educational focus, which concentrates on the established theoretical knowledge and the competence to pass this on along with the necessary creative operational know-how. The second option is the focus on composition/arrangement, which emphasizes above all the creative operational know-how – the ability to quickly and confidently integrate learned musical languages into an overall concept.

As opposed to a major in composition/arrangement within the the HiZeiTo course, there is also a composition course which is aimed at young musicians seeking to develop their own independent musical language on the basis of their understanding and internalization of traditional music and particularly the music of the 20th and 21st centuries.