Department D - Piano, Composition, Theoretical Studies

General Information

In our Department D, students can major in piano, composition, electroacoustic music, and historical and contemporary compositional technique.

Additionally, the department offers lessons in the core subjects of musical form/analysis, counterpoint, compositional technique and ear training, acoustic and instrument studies, musicology, piano and music physiology. It also teaches key competencies in the related fields of legal studies, self management and promotion as well as regularly updated compulsory optional subjects.

In the piano major, both solo and chamber music training are being emphasized. The master course allows the selection of concert piano, chamber music or Lied accompaniment as a focal area.

With an interdisciplinary approach, the courses in composition and historical and contemporary compositional technique include the subjects of electroacoustic music, instrumentation, piano, conducting/ensemble direction, new music analysis and composition alongside the chosen major. The electroacoustic music major is only offered in the MA program. Historical and contemporary compositional technique allows a focus either on educational practices or on composition/arrangement. There is a close cooperation between the department and KLANGZEITORT, the Institute for New Music.

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