Health insurance for students

No enrolment without health insurance

Students at public universities in Germany require health insurance. Therefore, at the latest at the time of enrolment at Hanns Eisler, all students must present a certificate from a German statutory health insurance company, which provides information about

  • whether the person concerned is insured
  • whether the person is exempt from insurance, exempt from compulsory insurance or whether he or she is not required to take out compulsory insurance.

This applies regardless of residency or nationality and also regardless of whether you are transferring from another German university or coming to the university as an exchange student.

The German statutory health insurance companies have the legal mandate to verify your health insurance status, and we as a university can only enrol you if your insurance status is confirmed by a statutory health insurance company in Germany.
This certificate is sent directly to Hanns Eisler Musikhochschule by the statutory health insurance company. The transmission is done electronically.

Which insurance company would be responsible for the certificate in your case depends on various factors.
Below we offer some guidance for you.