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Transfer Credits

As a transfer student, the first step of credit point transfer and approval is through the audition exam. Your audition exam will determine in which semester you begin – this is a flat credit transfer. If you have other credit points not covered by this flat credit transfer, you can apply to have them approved during or after enrolment.

For students who have a previous degree of the same level, it is possible to have credits for individual courses and modules approved during or after enrolment.

For further information, please continue reading.

Flat Credit Transfer

Transfer applicants can be placed in later semesters based on their musical abilities as determined by the Examination Committee. This means previously completed studies are officially awarded as a flat credit transfer.

The crediting process will take place during enrolment. Don’t forget to bring an academic transcript from your previous studies. Being placed in a lower semester than determined by the Examination Committee is not possible.

Step 1: During enrolment, Student Services will check your academic records. If there are modules or subjects that you have not yet completed during your studies, your study plan will be adjusted so that you can complete these modules.

Step 2: You will receive a study plan with all the subjects and modules that you must complete.

Step 3: With your study plan, you can register for your courses and contact your lecturers.

Step 4: If you are assigned to a course for which you have already received credit, please contact the respective module convener and the lecturer.

Transfer Credits for Individual Subjects and Modules

Credit points awarded by another university may be approved if they:

  • were completed at a state-recognized institution of higher education and
  • have no significant difference in quality, level, learning outcomes, scope, etc.

Step 1: To apply for transfer credit approval, you will need an academic transcript from your previous studies.

Step 2: Set up an appointment with the Enrolment Office or bring your documents to your enrolment appointment. ►Book an appointment

Step 3: Together with the Enrolment Office, you will prepare the request for credit transfer approval. Then you submit the request to the module convener. 

Step 4: The module convener will review your request and forward it to the exam board, who will process your request and return it to the Exam Office.

Step 5: The Exam Office will let you know if your request has been granted.

Step 6: If your request is approved and you are already enrolled in the course, please contact the respective module convener and lecturer directly.